Wonderful feedback

I can wax lyrical about how fantastic my product is but I am a little bias, I suppose. So, instead I’m going to let my customers speak for me.

Here are some recent pieces of feedback I have received …

Tracey from Kent said

Excellent transaction, bed guard arrived very quickly. So pleased with the bed guard; it’s such a simple idea (basically just a piece of foam), but it works a treat! My daughter hasn’t fallen out of bed, it didn’t require any complicated fixtures or fittings, works on any bed and we can even sit on it when reading her a bedtime story. Very happy customer.”

Valerie from Surrey said:

This product is wonderful. much better than the dream tubes which have a habit of puncturing!!!!!! very cosy and NO way can a child fall out. So easy to use just put inside fitted single sheet EXCELLENT!!”

Julia from Staffs said:

I was very impressed by these bed guards. Very easy to fit and take away with you. My toddler also loves playing with them and there is no chance he could hurt himself when in his bed.”

A BIG purple daisies thank you to Tracy, Valerie and Julia for their amazing comments.