Welcome to my world

Hi, Caroline here … founder, owner and chief order processor of purple daisies …. Not a great intro but we mums all have split personalities, eight hands, Teflon fingers and a uncanny ability to remember our ‘O’ level geometry … NOT ! so I’m not that different to you really.

I’m new to blogging and not sure how much of my inner goddess to reveal or indeed whether anyone will actually be interested – let me know. I founded purple daisies about  15 months ago having  realised, with 3 children at school and just 1 angel child remaining, that I had some time spare to do something …famous last words as ‘something’ has morphed into more than I’d anticipated and I am now proudly running a profitable and growing small business. The fact that the children have all turned feral and toilet training for the angel has been delayed indefinitely is neither here nor there…..

What’s new at purple daisies …. the blogging and also that we may be branching out across the channel – more news on that as the project evolves.

Final word – big high 5 to Davina who tonight will bring to a sensational climax the very last Big Brother. I’m not a huge fan BUT as no doubt our children will study at school the phenomena that is Big Brother, I will be watching it …. but don’t get me started on John McCurricks underpants or hair or dress sense ….