The Photoshoot

You know how they say never to work with children and  animals … Well, they were right!

Last week we embarked on our first ‘proper’ photo shoot for the website. The Bed Bumper is a very simple product so we tried to keep it very uncomplicated, just a series of photos telling ‘the story’ of how to use the Bumper from a simple product shot through the making of the bed with the Bumper in situ to the final shot of a child in the bed (pretending to be) asleep, all snug and safe. We had given ourselves a massive 2 hrs to complete the shoot and were using two 3 year olds as our models – Hmmm!

To protect the little darlings privacy we shall call them Boy Trouble (BT) and Girl Trouble (GT). Clad in the very best PJ’s, hair suitably ‘bed heady’, GT climbed in first. We had gone to the lengths of making sure the teddies were girly, the duvet/pillowcase were girly and the reading material was girlish and all she had to do was sit in bed and read the book. First the book was over the face, then the toes kept wiggling, then she kept biting her bottom lip. The photographer was oh so patient and after a little coaxing we got the shots we needed. Then it was ‘let’s lie down and pretend to be asleep’. Absolutely NOT going to do that, no way, never … more patient coaxing, kind words, gentle tones .. still NO.

OK, let’s move on (face starting to look a little less relaxed, slight clenching ….) so up jumps BT looking very cute and full of mischief (why is it the cheeky ones are always the most photogenic ?) He bounds into the bed cuddling his boyish teddy and loving the pirates duvet cover. He read the book as requested, tucked his legs up beautifully and we all relaxed as the comforting click of the camera lulled us into a state of false security … Time to lie back, snuggle under the duvet and pretend to be sleeping. He lay back, snuggled and screwed his eyes up tightly, tongue sticking out …Hmmm, not quite what we were after. More gently coaxing, long and detailed stories of tractors were told to calm BT down and give him something to imagine as he drifted into a comatose state. By now we mums were starting to get a little tense, the laughter was a little forced, the murmurs of ‘never mind’ were tinged with strain.

And then it all went horribly wrong … BT jumped up, threw his arms in the air and declared himself ‘all finished’

Enter the lovely GT (fresh from a quiet, soothing chat with Mummy) who, having watched her modelling partner throw a Naomi Campbell-esque tantrum, decided it was time to help out her, by now, very uptight Mummy and be a good girl. In the bed she got, snuggled under the duvet and closed her eyes … the camera started clicking again and Mummy’s shoulders dropped several inches. The photographer started to smile and we all smiled – at last it was ‘in the bag’

On the way home GT and her Mummy were spotted at the local newsagents purchasing a large bag of Chocolate Buttons (but I’m sure this had nothing to do with the photoshoot)