Great service, always

At purple daisies we strive very hard, every day, to provide excellent customer service.

When we sat down to consider what excellent online customer service really meant we found that listing out all our own petty service dislikes, bug bears and gross annoyances was a fanastic start point. Here’s the very worst ….

Send an email and end up waiting days for a reply (or worse getting no reply at all). When the reply comes it’s terse, spelling and grammar isn’t great and it really doesn’t answer my questions. If I’m feeling communicative I might send another one off asking  the relevant questions again but generally, at that point, the sale is off, the heckles are up and at best I silently seethe and at worse  I tell all my friends how dreadful blah, blah are. And that’s it, a customer is lost forever and they have told all there friends too. So, logically the opposite must be true too and that is how we see customer service at purple daisies – every communication with the customer is an opportunity and more often than not, if you do it right, you can turn a potential issue into a positive experience . We all know that things go wrong from time to time but what we want, as a customer, is to have it sorted out quickly and efficiently.

So what are we trying to do at purple daisies to deliver the very best customer service possible ?

It’s not just that we answer all our customer emails it’s that we answer then quickly, sometimes within the hour. We are polite and helpful and make sure we answer any and all questions however small or extraordinary they are, and it doesn’t just stop at answering emails. All our products are hand cleaned and packed, we process and despatch the order within 48 hrs and we genuinely try to help our customers with whatever requests they have. Our customers are very generous with their feedback and are telling us we are doing a good job . Here are a few genuine quotes –

I contacted purple daisies to ask a couple of questions about this product, and recieved an email back within the hour, then decided to order and recieved the product with 3 days and delivered on a sunday, got my daughters cot all changed to a cotbed and have not looked back.”

Estimated delivery date was 7 – 11 January but item was delivered on the 5th which totally exceeded my expectations”

I would like to say that you have handled this matter with extreme professionalism.”

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