The ORIGINAL Bed Bumper

Price: £9.99

The ORIGINAL Bed Bumper provides the following:

  • 100cm Firm Foam Wedge*
  • Safe Solution For ALL beds
  • Easy To Fit – No Assembly
  • Fits Under Most Standard Sheets
  • Discreet, Cosy & Secure
  • Lightweight Bed Guard Ideal For Travel
  • Safe To Sit On At Story Time

I bought this so I could take the side off the cot bed and my fidgety daughter (22 mnths old) wouldn’t fall out. It is brilliant! – Sharon from Redditch

Product Details

  • 100cm (L) x 12.5cm (H) x 11.5cm (W)
  • Protects 71% of the open side of a cotbed & 53% of a standard single bed
  • Made of 100% new polyurethane foam
  • Fully safety tested and certified to meet all necessary UK Safety Standards
  • Supplied in re-usable high quality grey flexible plastic tubing. Perfect for product storage/transportation
  • Non-slip texture keeps it in place all night long
  • Pale yellow colour which sits discreetly under all bed linen with no show-through
  • No ‘baby-ish’ high sides on the bed meaning your little one really does feel ‘big’ now
  • Stop duvets, dummies, teddies and all other bedtime ‘friends’ from falling on the floor
  • *All non UK orders will be shipped in 50cm pieces

Is this the right Bed Bumper for you?

Suitable for:

  • Average Sized 2-4 Yr Old (85-110cm tall)
  • Protecting ONE Open Side of the Bed
  • Cotbeds (140cm)
  • Junior Beds (140cm)
  • Standard Single Beds (190cm)
  • Cabin/ Novelty/High Sleepers (190cm)
  • Ikea Junior (160cm) and Extendable Single Beds (130-200 cm)
  • All Caravan Bunks
  • Use as a Bed Divider

To protect two open sides of a bed, or if your child is particularly tall (110cm +) or active at night, these products will suit you better:

Very cosy and NO way can a child fall out. So easy to use just put inside fitted single sheet EXCELLENT!!”




How The Bed Bumper Works

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