Product Review

The Bed Bumper from purple daisies

100% Safe: 100% Simple: 100% British

The time has come for your little one to sleep in a ‘big bed’ and this is a major milestone for all of you. A smooth transition, without any crashes in the night, would be a dream come true. Ideally, you want a bed guard that is simple to fit, totally reliable and 100% safe, and your child wants to feel like a big boy or girl (after all cot sides are just for babies !)  but safe and snug all night long.

The Bed Bumper is an innovative new bed guard with none of the fiddly assembly, clamps and screws, or special sheets that other bed guards require. It is a firm foam wedge that sits directly onto the mattress and fitting it couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is place The Bed Bumper onto the mattress, remake the bed, pulling the sheets over the Bumper and tuck them in. The Bed Bumper is 13cm high and creates a soft ’bumper’ along the open edge of the bed which is both discreet and effective. You can all sleep soundly knowing that your child can safely roll up against The Bed Bumper and it won’t move at all.

The Bed Bumper is available in a range of lengths so you have options depending on the size of the bed and the ‘wrigglability’ of your child.  For most 2-4 year olds the 100cm bumper (our bestselling size) is ideal.  It fits perfectly onto a cotbed, whose mattresses tend to be 140cm long, and onto a standard single bed whose mattresses tend to be 180cm long. Having said that, here at purple daisies, we understand that some children are real movers in bed and seem to do laps in their sleep, so we have a really long Bed Bumper, a whopping 150cm, which will keep even the most active child safe all night long. It doesn’t matter what type of bed you have or whether you are in a caravan, at Grandma’s or on holiday, The Bed Bumper will work perfectly on any type of bed.

The Bed Bumper is made from polyurethane foam and comes in a pale yellow colour which means it can sit under any colour of bed sheet and it won’t show through. The foam has passed all the necessary, and stringent, UK safety checks so you can rest assured that it is totally safe for your child. Being made of foam The Bed Bumper is really lightweight and portable, making it one of the very few bed guards you can easily take out of the home. Having popped it back into the plastic tubing it was delivered in you can then put it straight into the car or bend it into a bag or suitcase. Rest assured that it will pop back to shape once you take it out at your destination.

Another great feature of The Bed Bumper is that you can sit on it at story time. It will squash right down and then bounce right back up again once stories are finished and your little one is settled. During the night little one can scoot over, or round, the Bumper should nature call, and then in the morning they can be out and into your bed for a cuddle without you having to move a muscle. Meanwhile teddies, cuddlies, duvet and pillow will still be safely in the bed where they have been all night long.

The uses for The Bed Bumper don’t stop there. For those mummies and daddies who are co-sleeping with their little ones full-time, or who find that after a feed baby tends to fall to sleep in your bed and you don’t want to move them, The Bed Bumper can be slipped in under the fitted sheet of even a double bed to prevent your precious one rolling out.

Have you tried sleeping 2 children together in a double bed? They have a nasty habit of kicking each other, invading each other’s space and doing everything but go to sleep. Try using The Bed Bumper as a bed divider by simply slipping it under the sheets, into the middle of the bed with the sloping side facing down. Once they have their defined ‘sides’ the flailing legs and arms shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

And finally, please be aware that The Bed Bumper is manufactured, packed and processed wholly in the UK. purple daisies is the brainchild of a busy Mother of 4 who is striving to provide innovative products to parents and carers of young children that make their lives a little easier without costing a fortune.

For more information and pictures, and to read what our customers have to say about The Bed Bumper please go to If you’d like to make a purchase you can do this very simply and safely on this website.