New ‘ickle’ Bed Guard

purple daisies are thrilled to announce a new addition to The Bed Bumper family …. the 50cm foam bed guard extension. It was a straightforward arrival, right on-time and with very little fuss. It has slotted neatly into The Bed Bumper family alongside the 100cm bed guard and the (Big) 150cm bed guard.

Lots of visitors have come to look at the latest family member and some have even asked it they could take him home. The most common question has been ‘what’s his role in the family? ‘ And the answer is simple …

1) he is perfect for babies, either for co-sleeping to create a protective barrier (or should I say bumper) around all sides of baby, or away from home, when a travel cot is not an option (caravans are a good example of this predicament), and baby can be confidently put into any ordinary sized bed with The Bed Bumpers in place to cocoon and protect baby whilst he/she sleeps. NB Once baby starts to roll then purple daisies would recommend the 100cm bed guard for added security.

2) he satisfies the demand from our foreign customers, including those in the Republic of Ireland, where restrictions on lengths of parcels delivered by Royal Mail (our current carrier) means that anything over 60cm cannot be shipped. All customers have to do is to line 2x50cm bed guards end to end and they will act as if one continuous piece. What is particularly reassuring is that the foam ends of the bed guards will ‘grip’ each other adding stability to The Bed Bumper and ensuring it stays in place all night long.

3) There are some toddler beds that are too short for our best selling 100cm bumper and so the half sized 50cm foam bed guard offers a solution for these beds

Please take a look at our new edition and do not hesitate to make contact via if you have any questions or queries