Help… sales explosion!

At this time of year, every year, something extraordinary happens to the sale of bed guards.  Sales potter slowly through Christmas and New Year, a few here and there, and then suddenly BAM !!! it all goes crazy.

I can picture teams of tired Mums muttering to themselves “must get the little one into a big bed, must get the sides off the cot bed” and then it’s “right,OK let’s do it” and off they go … onto the Internet (who goes to an actual shop anymore, that’s so 2010). Tap, Tap … “shall we go Amazon or do a general search“…Tap, Tap…. “OK a few to choose from, what do I need it to do, and what is my little one going to be happy with?”

“Well, keeping the little one from falling out is obviously essential, a no brainer, but what else ???? Do I want it to look like a cot side ? Not really as I’ve just taken those off and my little one will freak out if they feel like they are being treated like a baby, so what about these foam ones that go under the bed sheets ? Does it look safe and will it really work ? Let’s look at what other people have said about them … WOW, people really like them, there is no assembly, no special sheets and they are relatively inexpensive … GREAT“, Tap, Tap … Job done.

Then, just 2 Days later TheBed Bumper arrives.  “The instruction leaflet is very clear and seems easy to follow so let’s give it a go (I don’t need to wait for hubbie to come home for this one). There’s  no fiddling around, no assembly, it goes straight onto the mattress, I pull the bed sheets over ,tuck them back in and voila …I  musn’t forget to keep the outer packaging tube as it will be handy to put the bumper into when we take it to Grandma’s house (or should I just order another for Grandma’s ?)”

And it is simple as that. At purple daisies we work very hard at giving every oneof our customers the best possible shopping experience. We select the best products, take time to ensure they are clean and well presented, package the up by hand in reusable packaging and send them on their way usually within 24hrs of the order being placed. We also appreciate the importance of after sales service and if a customer has any queries or concerns then these are answered within 24 hrs too.

Here’s a quote from one of our happy customers who had reason to contact our after sales team:

Many thanks for your reply and the service you have given me, I shall certainly use your company again.”

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