France, here we come …

The BIG NEWS from purple daisies this week is that we have launched our Bed Bumper into France. Funnily enough it’s called ‘Le Bed Bumper’ and you can find it on the french ebay site  just follow the link

Sales have started slowly with a few brave parents prepared to try out this strange new foam bed guard from ‘Royame Uni’ and a few more tenatively adding it to their watch list. We have had one piece of feedback so far which was ‘tres bien’ !! Our expectation is that it will be a slow build as it is something completely new but once the mums network gets going and the word spreads then we are hopefully of sales increasing and the french taking purple daisies to their hearts.

Please feel free to spread the word (and send the link) to any french friends or relatives you  have who you think might be interested. As they say at Tesco’s ‘Every little helps’.

Merci beaucoup x