First Award for The Bed Bumper

Here at purple daisies we have reason to celebrate as The Bed Bumper has won its first award – A big, shiny SILVER award from BizzieBaby which tells all our wannabe customers that we officially have a great product (rather than you just having to take my word for it).

Bizziebaby isn’t just some tin pot online review site that gives awards out to any old tom, dick or harry. Oh no, they are “one of the most unique product review sites on line. A website designed intentionally for all you mums and dads out there looking for the best, in-depth product reviews online”. This is an award from a well recognised and respected business.

They sourced 3 testers with children of just the right age, from 18 months onwards and in cot beds, toddler beds and Standard 3ft singles and we duly dispatched an Original 100cm Bed Bumper to each. The testers then got to ‘test’ the bed guard over a 3 month period and complete a questionnaire as they went along asking about everything from packaging and simplicity of use, to effectiveness and affordability and then these answers were translated into a score out of 5. To receive a Silver award THE average score across the 3 testers had to be more than 4.6 out of 5 and we averaged 4.7 so a ‘good’ silver I think.

Comments that were made included “the size of the Bumper is great and very easy to use and put on the bed”, “my daughter was kept very safe and comfortable throughout the night and she has not fallen out”, “the bed guard offers great value for money” and “I would consider buying this and have already recommended to family and friends”. For the full product reviews click on this link
We are under no illusions here at purple daisies about the simplicity of our foam bed guard. The Bed Bumper delivers an effective product, innovative in a market that is crowded with bulky mesh, plastic and wooden bed guards, and at a very affordable price. Over that last 3 years we have built our business by word-of-mouth, not expensive advertising or stands at trade shows, just good honest recommendation, one Mum to another, and this award reflects just how great The Bed Bumper is.

P.S. Whilst this award was based on the review of our Original 100cm Bed Bumper please don’t forget that we also sell a Mega 150 cm Bed Bumper for the taller, wrigglier kids along with a selection of great value Bed Bumper multipacks and a range of waterproof and non waterproof bedding perfect to use with your Bed Bumpers. For the full range please click on this link