Extra Deep Sheet – Fitting Guidelines

1)    Remove all bedding from the bed leaving a bare mattress

2)    Place The Bed Bumpers onto the mattress approx 5cm from the edge

3)    Fit the extra deep sheet onto the top corners of the mattress first, ensuring that the corners of the sheet are in line with the corners of the mattress, and tuck the extra fabric fully and securely under the mattress

4)    Pull the sheet down the bed, over the Bumpers simultaneously, and fit onto the bottom 2 corners as in 3)

5)    Gently pull the extra deep sheet over the Bumpers at each side and down the side of the mattress tucking the remaining sheet securely under the mattress.

6)    Adjust the Bumpers as necessary to ensure they sit flat onto the mattress.

7)    The sheet should be tight across the top of the Bumper to ensure that it cannot be pushed out once the child is in the bed – test this by getting in the bed yourself rather than just pulling it from the outside. The weight of the child on the sheet ensures that the Bumpers stay securely in place all night long.

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