Cosleeping with babies

Cosleeping with babyThe Bed Bumper offers a genuinely innovative solution to a number of the common concerns about co-sleeping.

It is the ONLY Bed Guard on the market that can protect baby from falling out of bed AND getting trapped between the top of the bed and the headboard.

This is because The Bed Bumper goes under the sheets and comes in a range of ideal lengths – 50cm for across the top of the bed and 100cm (or 150cm) for down the side(s).

Mumsnet lays the arguments for and against co-sleeping out very well (please click on for the full article) and purple daisies Bed Bumper provides the solution …

In summary, Mumsnet says “The case against co-sleeping….

In your bed as opposed to a cot or crib, your baby could:

A) Get trapped between the bed and the headboard
B) Fall out
C) Get dangerously overheated under a duvet next to two hot adult bodies
D) Get accidentally suffocated if you’re so tired or drunk or high that you unknowingly roll on him

What to do if you decide co-sleeping is for you?

If you like the idea of snuggling up with your baby of a night you do need to:

  • Know the ‘no-way’ facts– never bedshare if either you or your partner smoke, if you’ve drunk alcohol, taken drugs or are on medication than makes you drowsy. You should also be cautious if your baby is at increased risk of cot death: born prematurely; born with a low birthweight; nursing a fever. You can read the official advice on this at FSID.
  • Take safety precautions– make sure your mattress is firm, that your bedcovers are light (ditch the duvet) and can’t fall over your baby’s head. You can find some good safety advice for breastfeeding bedsharing at Unicef.”

Mumsnet have chosen not to add “Use a suitable Bed Guard or Rail” however this is the only way to prevent:Safe Cosleeping

A) Getting baby trapped between the bed and the headboard, and
B) Baby falling out of bed, both of which are very real concerns for most co-sleeping parents.

Many bed guards can solve B) but only The Bed Bumper solves A) and B) and provides a very simple, portable, cost-effective solution.