Co-sleeping solution

Hi All,

I was browsing through the Mumsnet site the other day to keep up to date with all things baby related and I happened across their views/advice on co-sleeping. It is an interesting piece with some good links to other specialist organisations who are recognised for their advice regarding the pros and, more importantly,cons of co-sleeping. Here’s the link so you can read it in full for yourself

In summary, Mumsnet says “The case against co-sleeping…..
In your bed as opposed to a cot or crib, your baby could…
A) Get trapped between the bed and the headboard
B) Fall out
C) Get dangerously overheated under a duvet next to two hot adult bodies
D) Get accidentally suffocated if you’re so tired or drunk or high that you unknowingly roll on him

As I was reading through this it struck me that The Bed Bumper is the only bed guard on the market that would prevent points 1) and 2) occurring. It is the only bed guard that comes in a range of sizes including a 50cm piece which is perfect for preventing A) Get trapped between the bed and the headboard and by using either the 100cm or the 150cm Bumpers you will also prevent B) Falling out

So, if you want to feel safe whilst your precious one is in bed with you, either on-going or just occasionally (haven’t we all wanted  not to have to get out of our nice warm bed in the middle of the night, after feeding our little one, and put them back into their cot, especially when they are all settled? ) then choose The Bed Bumper. It’s not expensive, you can take it anywhere with you, use on any bed, it can be fitted in a few seconds and IT WORKS.