Bed Guard Quick Tips…

A bed side guard is often quite a rigid structure that has very limited usage, ie it can only be fixed to the side of a child’s bed and keeps the child confined to their bed.

And then came along a new generation of bed guard in the shape of the Bed Bumper. This is a much more flexible product with many more uses than a traditional rigid bed side guard.  Here are a few tips on how you can use the Bed Bumper.

  • If your child ever has to sleep in a bed with two open sides as opposed to one then you can put a Bed Bumper on either side and they will stay safely in the middle of the bed no matter what the size.
  • If your child ever sleeps in your bed you can always use a Bed Bumper not only to stop them rolling out of the bed but also to stop you rolling onto them.
  • When you go away on holiday or visit friends or the grandparents a traditional bed side guard can be a pain to transport because of its size and rigidity. With the Bed Bumper however you can easily pack it into a small space for transporting. Or because it is so cost effective you could have a spare at the grandparents for whenever your child stays over.

If you have found any other uses for our magnificent bed guard please let us know and we shall post them to the blog so everyone knows about them.

For more information about our new design of bed side guard click here: Bed Side Guards