Bumper Amazon Review

The foam bed guard is simple but effective. I use it to stop my two year old rolling out of his toddler bed & also on my bed to stop my baby rolling off the bed, if she falls asleep after a feed. The traditional type of bed guard doesn’t always fit a toddler bed, so I have found this to be ideal and not overpriced either. I’m very pleased with it.”

This is a review The Bed Bumper recently received on Amazon and it illustrates the multi functional nature of the foam bed guard perfectly.

I can remember having fed one of my babies in my bed, propped up on my side, and once baby was full and fast asleep not wanting to move them but worrying that they might be a bit too close to the edge and it was awful long way down to the floor should they happen to roll over. I always ended up trying to scoot them gently across but it would have been so much easier just to lift the fitted sheet and pop in a Bed Bumper !

Peace of mind for around £10 …..