Welcome to our Bed Guards Blog

First the new baby bed guard and now….our new blog.

We will be posting updates on the products and news from the company from time to time.  We also hope to become more interactive with our customers so please let us know your questions and queries and we will write about them in the blog. Just leave a comment or contact us via the form on the Contact Us page.

We are pleased to say that the Bed Bumper goes from strength to strength and this is mostly down to our fabulous customers. Word of mouth is a big part of our business and we’re proud that our customers seem to be so thrilled with our products that they are shouting it from the roof tops and more and more people are ordering the Bed Bumper.

Who would have thought that the world of the baby bed guard could be so much fun. We have taken the Bed Bumper idea from conception to reality and are incredibly pleased with the result.  We offer a much more flexible and cost effective alternative to the traditional baby bed guard and we are making things easier for the parents at the same time.

Down the line we hope to bring you more products of a similar standard to our bed guards and look forward to ‘giving birth’ to these too when the time comes. We are excited about extending the Purple Daisies family in the future!

Thanks for everyone who has helped us so far – we really appreciate it!

For more information about our revolutionary new baby bed guard click here: Baby Bed Guards