Angel child moves into a ‘big’ bed ….

Last sunday I bit the bullet and moved my 2 year old out of her cot… Having done it 3 times before with my older ones, with mixed results, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I can report a promising ‘so far so good’ AND she hasn’t fallen out either …  ‘How do you stop her falling out ?’  I hear you ask.   Well, I’m using a fantastic new kind of Bed Guard – The Bed Bumper … It’s so simple to use, just pop it under the sheet – voila …

This is such a great opportunity for self promotion I couldn’t resist. Seriously though, this is the first of my children to use one of my products and it reinforced my belief in what I’m selling. I think it’s a huge positive of The Bed Bumper  that having taken off the sides of a cot you don’t have to replace them with another ‘side’,  instead you can simply slip in a discreet ‘bump’. This factor becomes even more important with special needs children and I will share with you an email that one happy mum of an autistic child  wrote to  me   “from my perspective your bed bumper gives Daniel added security without making him feel that he is still being treated like a baby with a rail that is similar to a cot. Personally, I would say that this would be a great feature for all children with learning and physical disabilities, as they like to be treated as normal for their age”

Final word – bloody nits. All 4 of my darlings have had them at the same time recently and without the amazing Nitty Gritty comb I’d have gone totally bonkers, if you are in need …. It was with much trepidation I ventured to the hairdressers myself this week, expecting my wonderful hairdresser to down tools half way through a major cutting session and declare my head ‘alive and untouchable’. Thankfully not and at last the phantom itching has stopped.

Another final word – did anyone else hear Chris Moyles’ rant this morning. Not impressed and I’m a fan .. is he heading for a Chris Evansesque exit ????



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