About Us

Hi, I’m Caroline Cook.

In 2009, when my youngest was 18 months old I decided to ’start my own business’. Little did I know what was in store!

Using my experience of raising 4 active children I conceived purple daisies and ‘The Bed Bumper’ was born. Like a new baby they have needed to be nurtured and loved from the start, we have made mistakes, had lots of surprises and milestones, and the business has grown and grown.

The Bed Bumper is just the first of a range of innovative and practical products that I hope to bring to you. I am striving to create a range of items that, tried and tested by parents, grandparents and carers, really work.

Products that are simple to use, safe and sensibly priced. Sound good? I know it is a tall order but I also know that there are other products out there, or in my head, that, like The Bed Bumper, have, or could, revolutionise the way we bring up our children without costing us a fortune.

Purple daisies is a professional, independent business and it speaks from the experience of being  parents and understanding the real day to day issues that parents face. Quality and safety are of paramount importance to us and we strive to provide the very best customer service we can every day.

I do not run my business alone though and have a whole raft of industry experts from Olly, my website and SEO guru, to Emma, my ‘Girl Friday’, who support, advise and challenge me along the way.

The Corporate bit – just in case you were wondering if I was all hot air and fluffy bunnies here is a very ‘corporate photo’ of me and a mini CV:

  • BA (Hons) degree in Business Studies
  • 10 years of Sales & Marketing experience at a range of FMCG companies including McVities (Milk Chocolate Homewheat are my favourite), RHM and the Cott Corporation
  • 4 Children, one gold fish, and a small crush on Rob Lowe